Monday, September 29, 2008

Are you a smarty-pants?

On the way to "HeadStarts" (as BuggaBoy calls it) for the last week, BB and I have been playing "I Spy".
We love this game at our house, it's a fun way to pass the time and I get a chance to see how my babies view their world. Well, I've learned a lot about my little man on these recent rides, I had no idea he could be so tricky! But also that he really enjoys compliments and is learning to give them as much as receive them. I think it's such a great lesson for him to be learning, it's also VERY comical!
As he guesses, I tell him how smart he is and how fun he is. He always responded with "You so smart too, Momma!" Until Friday... you see, durning this time he's also been potty training... we've been talking a lot about underpants. Well, BB combined them on Friday, "Momma, you is a Smarty Underpants!" HA HA HA! What a PERFECT little phrase!
It's been a running joke this weekend anytime someone does something profoundly intelligent. But BB wasn't going to let his glory fade into a cliché Oh no, he had another fabulous tag up his sleeve. Tonight as he was getting ready for bed, he was playing with Nana and in the course of their time, he told her she was a... Smarty-Pajammies! LOL I'm amazed at his quick wit! What a pumpkin
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