Saturday, October 4, 2008

We Thank Thee, Oh God, For A Prophet!

I'm so grateful for Conference! I was so thrilled to see precious Primary kids in the choir today it was great. My girls are pretty good about sitting through the sessions when we are home, and today's choir really held thier attentions.

I really enjoyed the talk from David A. Bednar, I have long struggled with making my prayers personal and meaningful. I appreciate the admonishment to make sure our family members can feel our love for them through our prayers. I want my children to know, without a doubt, that I love them. I want them to know that I am trying to be the best mother I can, and that I rely on the Lord to help me make up the difference. I have faith that the Lord can give me all that I need, and that he can make me all that they need me to be. I want them to hear the blessings I see in my life, and to feel the truth of that through the Spirit's soft whisperings to their hearts. This was a very important talk for me personally.

I am excited to hear the Prophet speak tomorrow, I will be taking my children to the Chapel for the morning session, mostly because I want them to know that eventhough we aren't in Primary, we are still following the Lord's commandments by worshiping in His meetinghouse each week.

I have posted the song about the members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I really think it's a cute way to help the kids learn the names and faces of our blessed leaders. We are so blessed to have Godly men to guide us at this time.

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