Monday, September 29, 2008

Are you a smarty-pants?

On the way to "HeadStarts" (as BuggaBoy calls it) for the last week, BB and I have been playing "I Spy".
We love this game at our house, it's a fun way to pass the time and I get a chance to see how my babies view their world. Well, I've learned a lot about my little man on these recent rides, I had no idea he could be so tricky! But also that he really enjoys compliments and is learning to give them as much as receive them. I think it's such a great lesson for him to be learning, it's also VERY comical!
As he guesses, I tell him how smart he is and how fun he is. He always responded with "You so smart too, Momma!" Until Friday... you see, durning this time he's also been potty training... we've been talking a lot about underpants. Well, BB combined them on Friday, "Momma, you is a Smarty Underpants!" HA HA HA! What a PERFECT little phrase!
It's been a running joke this weekend anytime someone does something profoundly intelligent. But BB wasn't going to let his glory fade into a cliché Oh no, he had another fabulous tag up his sleeve. Tonight as he was getting ready for bed, he was playing with Nana and in the course of their time, he told her she was a... Smarty-Pajammies! LOL I'm amazed at his quick wit! What a pumpkin
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addicted to HAIR....

I like to think I'm creative, I love to craft and crochet and am starting to get a decorating bug... well, I have found a new creative addiction!!!! YAY!!!!! It's HAIR!!!!

My girlies' hair to be exact (I'm just starting to get ok with straightening my hair, but these girls are FUN to play with!) SO, there are tons and tons of hair blogs out there and boy am I learning a lot. Now, I'm not completely new at experimenting iwth other people's hair LOL I did a lattice thing on my girlie's a few years ago and got bunches of complements, it was the first time I realized some of these styles aren't that difficult. Some are, at least for me (read: I can't french-braid lol), but these sites are fantastic about tutorials, so I'm confident we'll try some hard ones soon.

Now, unfortunately, I was dumb and didn't take pics of my girls the last two days. We actually got up early *shock* and the princesses let me DO thier hair *double shock*! It was so cute, the first day I did
this in Sister Suzie's hair and this in Itty-Bitty's, then yesterday I did variations of this to Itty and this to Sister.

Here are some awesome links:
Girly Do's, She Does Hair, Babes in Hairland, Hair's Our Life (click for details on her fantastic giveaway), Hair 4 My Princess, Piper's hairdos... there are SEVERAL more, but Sister is sitting here waiting for me, so I can't play no more! LOL

Today I want to do
THIS to Sister... but we're in a hurry and I've wasted time blogging and geting my "hair-fix" so she's only gonna let me mess a little bit. DANG!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Competition can be the greatest motivator....

After my recent post about the lack of excitement I have for exercising, I got off my duff and went to the gym. YEAH!!!! It was AWESOME! I felt so good about getting out there and doing something. While I was checking out all of the services that the fitness center offers, I saw an announcement for their own Biggest Loser contest. I thought "hmm, that's interesting...Laura did great with her's, maybe I should think about that." That very day, we got our local paper and what do you know, there was the info again... "$10 reg. fee... $150 in fitness center prizes... Lets think this over some more."

So I go Wed. to do my interval and decide I am going to do it. I have a fitness challenge coming up for MomentumFS, so why not combine the two? The initial meeting is Sept. 30, then weekly weigh-ins through December. It's not a huge one like my old gym hosts, but not bad for a small town. I'm sure the future competitions will be bigger, longer, ect. But I'm looking forward to the nitty-gritty and seeing the progress I can make in the next 3 months. This is gonna be good guys, this is gonna be SO good!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just and old fashioned girl...

I have always loved Eartha Kitt. Santa Baby has been one of my favorite Christmas "carols" since I was a preteen, the best time I ever had was singing it at a Nursing home in 10th grade. LOL But in searching YouTube this spring for some clips for a Music Appreciation class, I came about the live recording of this fabulous song. It's completely facetious and I LOVE IT! Now truly, I'm not this concieted, but boy oh boy, I'd like to be some days! All in all, I'd just love to find the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress) and some killer heels and sing this at a singles thing one day!!!! HEE HEE HEE!

Ok, I'll go return the horns and pitchfork to the closet and put my halo back on... in the meantime, watch the video and smile a little! I do!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Motivation... get some!

So I was having a convo tonight with a friend about my motivation (or lack thereof) to get "fit". I really believe that I have to be the motivation in my own life, so why can't I do that? I have so many things I do every day that I really feel are important, most of them are for my family, but isn't being "fit" also important for my family too?!

I read the scriptures and say prayers because I want to show my kids on a daily basis how important it is to bring the spirit in to the home. I want to show them everyday how to notice the spirit by how they feel. I fix meals with and for my kids most every night, we eat together at the table, we talk, we use manners. I want to teach my kids daily to eat right, to respect their table-mates, to make connections with their siblings that will last a lifetime. I want to do the same thing with them about health and fitness, but why is it that I don't get fired up about it like I do with other things?

I think my answer lies in perfection. I know that my kids are going to lay all over the couch when we read scriptures, my ds is going to run in and out the whole time... I expect it. I know my girls will tussle about who gets "the pretty fork" before dinner, I know someone will inevitably fart or burp at the table which will create peals of laughter and indigestion... I expect it. But when I have a long day and take too many hours chatting and surfing the Internet and then look at the clock and realize that it's already tomorrow... I think "Dummy, you could have worked out... now you're too tired." When I want to sleep in after the aforementioned late night, I think "Idiot, serves you right, now you can't workout because you are too tired." When I drive passed the gym after taking the kids to the pizza parlor for dinner.... I think "You are so lazy, you didn't even go to the gym and you couldn't manage to make a decent meal, how ridiculous." I kick myself.

It's perfection... it's paralyzing my life. As I came to this conclusion, I did something I haven't done all summer, I turned on a Jonathan Roche show and started listening to last week's show. What was the first topic? MOTIVATION!!!!! How much time do you spend in front of a screen each day? How much of a workout could you have gotten in that time? DUH! That's IT! I just need to DO IT!

I'm logging on to MomentumFS now, I'm signing up for the Fitness Challenge, I'm writing myself an appointment with the gym for tomorrow. The dds get on the bus at 8:30, I can be at the gym and busting out that interval by 9:00AM! I WILL be at the gym and busting out an interval by 9:00 AM!!!!

Today is my January 1st! Go Me!!!!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Pics...

Yes DAN.... new pics!!!! YAY!!!!

Rock and Rollin' Jessie!!!!

Thomas talks with R2D2 at Downtown Disney, Awwww!


I am slowly but surely becoming disenchanted with my new laptop...

First of all. whatever "they did" when "they" uninstalled my wireless card from my desktop freaked something up and now we can't access the internet from the regular pc... which brings back all of the bad stuff about a shared computer. The sighs and attitudes about not being able to use it when they want.

And then there is the fact that I don't have the Office 2007 pack on my laptop, which means I can't use Excell, Word, or my constant companion Outlook... OI! You get a total of 25 unregistered uses of Office programs before you are locked out completely. So, since the disk I previously used has moved to Tri-cities...shhhh! LOL I have to bite the bullet and go buy it at the college this week.

OH, yeah... let's not forget the several things that won't run on my new system... CSI games, my dinosaur of a digital camera (Yes Dan, I had pics to post even), my dd's mp3 player... oh. and the new Barbie game I bought the DDs as a reward for homework/piano practice complete. I've downloaded drivers, patches, installed various whooziewhatzits and still can't work them. UGH!

I'm beginning to think this Laptops are the Future stuff is just a bunch of hooey! HMPH!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I went to the animal fair....

the birds and the bees were there.....

So 'Itty-Bitty's' class went to the County Fair today. SO CUTE! They are so sweet at this age, so excited about ducks and turtles, the part all the kids loved were the Goats who kiss and eat from our hand. They also liked the logging show, shopping wood is super cool at 6! I just love going on fieldtrips! I walked around with "my kids" and just relished in the simple things today. We petted a turtle and a kitten, and we won free goldfish from the petstore. We ate FABULOUS Chicken for lunch. We got faces painted and brought home souvieners. Oh the joy of a BIG rainbow hawiian shaved ice on a warm fall day! It was bliss I tell you, utter bliss! I'm so grateful that they enjoy Mom being wiht them... I know it will get few and far between in the future. I want to live in today. I love today! It was a very good day!

Oh, and for the record... while I love honey, I HATE BEES! One got in my car and stung me on my back and now it hurts. Nasty ole thing....

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Ok, so I LOVE technology! I'm sitting here listening to Kate Nash and blogging..... in my LIVINGROOM!!! Yup! I did it, I bought a laptop. I'm going to use it for school, since all of my Accounting homework is internet based. But while I'm waiting for school to start, I'm having fun learning how to use it! YAY!!!!! Nancy Drew games are fabulous on here, yesterday I played with my headphones on while DS was taking a nap beside me. I can go to the local pizza parlor and use the network, I set up on a public network tonight while I was sitting at an accident waiting for the road to reopen. It's fabulous! No more fighting over the use of the PC... no waiting for someone else to finish up... or get *sighs* from those waiting for me to finish my work (read:my game) LOL