Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addicted to HAIR....

I like to think I'm creative, I love to craft and crochet and am starting to get a decorating bug... well, I have found a new creative addiction!!!! YAY!!!!! It's HAIR!!!!

My girlies' hair to be exact (I'm just starting to get ok with straightening my hair, but these girls are FUN to play with!) SO, there are tons and tons of hair blogs out there and boy am I learning a lot. Now, I'm not completely new at experimenting iwth other people's hair LOL I did a lattice thing on my girlie's a few years ago and got bunches of complements, it was the first time I realized some of these styles aren't that difficult. Some are, at least for me (read: I can't french-braid lol), but these sites are fantastic about tutorials, so I'm confident we'll try some hard ones soon.

Now, unfortunately, I was dumb and didn't take pics of my girls the last two days. We actually got up early *shock* and the princesses let me DO thier hair *double shock*! It was so cute, the first day I did
this in Sister Suzie's hair and this in Itty-Bitty's, then yesterday I did variations of this to Itty and this to Sister.

Here are some awesome links:
Girly Do's, She Does Hair, Babes in Hairland, Hair's Our Life (click for details on her fantastic giveaway), Hair 4 My Princess, Piper's hairdos... there are SEVERAL more, but Sister is sitting here waiting for me, so I can't play no more! LOL

Today I want to do
THIS to Sister... but we're in a hurry and I've wasted time blogging and geting my "hair-fix" so she's only gonna let me mess a little bit. DANG!

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