Monday, September 15, 2008

Motivation... get some!

So I was having a convo tonight with a friend about my motivation (or lack thereof) to get "fit". I really believe that I have to be the motivation in my own life, so why can't I do that? I have so many things I do every day that I really feel are important, most of them are for my family, but isn't being "fit" also important for my family too?!

I read the scriptures and say prayers because I want to show my kids on a daily basis how important it is to bring the spirit in to the home. I want to show them everyday how to notice the spirit by how they feel. I fix meals with and for my kids most every night, we eat together at the table, we talk, we use manners. I want to teach my kids daily to eat right, to respect their table-mates, to make connections with their siblings that will last a lifetime. I want to do the same thing with them about health and fitness, but why is it that I don't get fired up about it like I do with other things?

I think my answer lies in perfection. I know that my kids are going to lay all over the couch when we read scriptures, my ds is going to run in and out the whole time... I expect it. I know my girls will tussle about who gets "the pretty fork" before dinner, I know someone will inevitably fart or burp at the table which will create peals of laughter and indigestion... I expect it. But when I have a long day and take too many hours chatting and surfing the Internet and then look at the clock and realize that it's already tomorrow... I think "Dummy, you could have worked out... now you're too tired." When I want to sleep in after the aforementioned late night, I think "Idiot, serves you right, now you can't workout because you are too tired." When I drive passed the gym after taking the kids to the pizza parlor for dinner.... I think "You are so lazy, you didn't even go to the gym and you couldn't manage to make a decent meal, how ridiculous." I kick myself.

It's perfection... it's paralyzing my life. As I came to this conclusion, I did something I haven't done all summer, I turned on a Jonathan Roche show and started listening to last week's show. What was the first topic? MOTIVATION!!!!! How much time do you spend in front of a screen each day? How much of a workout could you have gotten in that time? DUH! That's IT! I just need to DO IT!

I'm logging on to MomentumFS now, I'm signing up for the Fitness Challenge, I'm writing myself an appointment with the gym for tomorrow. The dds get on the bus at 8:30, I can be at the gym and busting out that interval by 9:00AM! I WILL be at the gym and busting out an interval by 9:00 AM!!!!

Today is my January 1st! Go Me!!!!!


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