Sunday, September 14, 2008


I am slowly but surely becoming disenchanted with my new laptop...

First of all. whatever "they did" when "they" uninstalled my wireless card from my desktop freaked something up and now we can't access the internet from the regular pc... which brings back all of the bad stuff about a shared computer. The sighs and attitudes about not being able to use it when they want.

And then there is the fact that I don't have the Office 2007 pack on my laptop, which means I can't use Excell, Word, or my constant companion Outlook... OI! You get a total of 25 unregistered uses of Office programs before you are locked out completely. So, since the disk I previously used has moved to Tri-cities...shhhh! LOL I have to bite the bullet and go buy it at the college this week.

OH, yeah... let's not forget the several things that won't run on my new system... CSI games, my dinosaur of a digital camera (Yes Dan, I had pics to post even), my dd's mp3 player... oh. and the new Barbie game I bought the DDs as a reward for homework/piano practice complete. I've downloaded drivers, patches, installed various whooziewhatzits and still can't work them. UGH!

I'm beginning to think this Laptops are the Future stuff is just a bunch of hooey! HMPH!

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Laura said...

Love your pics you hot mamma!!!!!