Friday, April 30, 2010

New Friend Friday....

SO .... I'm NEW at blogging.... and NEW at the blog community... and now, New Friend Friday @ The Girl Creative!!!!

Today is the day where we all get to visit tons of great sites and learn a little about these ladies we blog-stalk and what makes them tick!!! What fun, right?!

New Friend Fridays

Today's inspiration is Most Embarrassing Moment. (dun-dun-dun, as Itty-Bitty would say) So... I have to rack my brain... I really don't have any extremely mortifying moments that haunt me - honestly. But, that is quite possibly because I have done so many crazy and idiotic things in my life that I just have a bit of a "Oh-yeah...what's-new" attitude to embarrassing things! :-D

Here's one I came up with ... Picture me - a not-so-small, single mom with a VERY rambunctous 3yo son. Picture us all dressed up for Church. Picture him throwing a HUGE TANTRUM in the middle of Sacrament meeting - throwing crayons, climbing on the chairs, scrambling away from my grasp. You see where this is going, don't you? Yeah. I grab the little monster booger twerp angel and he flails on the floor.... Now, picture me - a not-so-small-mom-in-a-dress, bending down to swipe that little guy off the floor and swoop him out of the Chapel for a *ahem* talking-to. We spend SEVERAL minutes in lock-down time-out in another room and I casually walk back in and sit him down. I smile at my mother, who leans in to tell me... "When you bent down, your skirt shifted and everyone saw your undergarments." HA HA HA! I tell ya, that's priceless!

Have a great Friday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It’s done

I started a craft blog for my plan to make Christmas fantastic by not purchasing any gifts!

I tell the story here and share some beautiful and frugal inspirations with you. I will be including photos and videos as the projects get under way.

I have decided to keep this a family/life blog. I will continue to post oddities about my home, family, and interests. This way, I can keep a journal of our lives AND enjoy the selfish desires of frugal creativity! ;-)

Here's a taste of what I'm talking about ---

These adorable Hammock pillows (using old cloth placemats) are featured @ The Red Chair Blog. Who doesn't love a little POP! of color in the backyard?

How about a stack of these 3-D cards for your Pixie family to enjoy? Check 'em out @ Skip to my Lou!

I love these tile coasters from Little Birdie Secrets. A stack of these tied with a ribbon would be a beautiful teacher gift from your child.

I hope you enjoy these great ideas, snag a couple and craft yourself a Frugal Christmas (in April)!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's clear as I return to this site and re-read the most "recent" posts that my life is certainly not on the path that it was heading six months ago... I'm dealing well with the changes (I think.) but how have to face this new conundrum. Do I delete these frustratingly obsolete stories from my blog-life? Or, do I treat them as what they are - stories that make me who I am - and continue to blog the way I planned to originally? I am thoroughly undecided.

I spend a few minutes - OK, a lot of minutes - each day getting inspired by FANTASTIC mommy blogs and desperately feel the pull to join the throng. I love the creativity these women share with me and want to give back, inspire others, and give credit where credit is due. I've toyed with the idea that I could begin another blog... strictly craft-hair-food-review oriented. One that would not be linked with this "Journal" blog. I wonder though, if in time, that the new blog would become what this one lacks. *shrug* THen again, does it matter? I could change one or the other if that time comes. Right? Hmmm.

Still, I am undecided.