Friday, April 30, 2010

New Friend Friday....

SO .... I'm NEW at blogging.... and NEW at the blog community... and now, New Friend Friday @ The Girl Creative!!!!

Today is the day where we all get to visit tons of great sites and learn a little about these ladies we blog-stalk and what makes them tick!!! What fun, right?!

New Friend Fridays

Today's inspiration is Most Embarrassing Moment. (dun-dun-dun, as Itty-Bitty would say) So... I have to rack my brain... I really don't have any extremely mortifying moments that haunt me - honestly. But, that is quite possibly because I have done so many crazy and idiotic things in my life that I just have a bit of a "Oh-yeah...what's-new" attitude to embarrassing things! :-D

Here's one I came up with ... Picture me - a not-so-small, single mom with a VERY rambunctous 3yo son. Picture us all dressed up for Church. Picture him throwing a HUGE TANTRUM in the middle of Sacrament meeting - throwing crayons, climbing on the chairs, scrambling away from my grasp. You see where this is going, don't you? Yeah. I grab the little monster booger twerp angel and he flails on the floor.... Now, picture me - a not-so-small-mom-in-a-dress, bending down to swipe that little guy off the floor and swoop him out of the Chapel for a *ahem* talking-to. We spend SEVERAL minutes in lock-down time-out in another room and I casually walk back in and sit him down. I smile at my mother, who leans in to tell me... "When you bent down, your skirt shifted and everyone saw your undergarments." HA HA HA! I tell ya, that's priceless!

Have a great Friday!

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