Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fritz has a "Cram-rer-ra"

This is one of the best gifts I've given him, especially since he just recently dismantled the automatic lens covers on my camera! It's a Fisher-Price Kid Tough Camera and he LOVES IT!!!!

It is big and chunky and has a hard outer shell. The hand grips are a rubber that helps little hands keep hold and the manufacturer claims it is even waterproof for upto 30 minutes in 3 ft of water. So that means I can feel safe letting him have it outside for play. I like the fact that you look through the veiw finder with two eyes, like binoculars. Fritz is good at winking, but Sister (eventhough she is nine) still has a hard time with that. Also, the previous picture is on the screen right away, that makes it easy for the kids to see if they like the shots. The buttons are easy to learn and use, and it is very easy to upload to the pc.

I have read several of the reviews on this product, I think many people expected way too much from this TOY. That's what it is.. a toy, not a professional camera. It will not have portrait quality pictures, but it is absolutely perfect for getting glimpses of life through your little ones eyes. That's the best thing about this camera. It gives Fritz a way to enjoy his world, pick out the things he likes about life, and be excited about being a part of our family times. When I asked him what he likes best about his new camera, he said "Mm... perfect! It takes pictures of Sabrina and Domino!"

Here are a few of his first photographs!

He loves to take pictures of our animals, these are Domino (the cat) and Sabrina (the dog) in his room.

He also likes taking pictures of his family : me, Sister, Itty-Bitty and Sister even took one with Itty and Fritz.

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