Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day of rest...

So, my girls are at their dad's for the weekend... I should be enjoying myself right? WRONG! I am never completely myself when my girlies aren't home. Sure, Fritz and I had lots of fun with Nana and some cousins at McD's yesterday. We did all the good fun stuff yesterday ... like... fixed breakfast, he broke my camera, dumped out all the cinnamon and sugar.... wait... "He broke your camera?" you say. Oh yes. He did. My new one.... my fancy, first one in 12 yrs one.... BROKE! played at McD's, got a toy at McD's, shopped at Wal-Mart, got lost from Momma at Wal-Mart.... Yup... Lost. Called the Manager type lost. Shut the doors type lost.... and what did this sweet boy say to me when he was found???
"Momma! Where were you? I was looking everywhere for you! You should find me next time."

We won't even go into the lovely episode he had in Church today... or the mess I just had to clean up.... Wasn't this post supposed to be about Sunday being a day of rest? Riiiiiiiiight - not if you occupy my world it isn't. It's just LIFE!

But, alas... I do love it so. Sometimes.... gotta go... Fritz just said uh-oh....Again!

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