Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Through his eyes

"How do you make oranges?"
"God made them grow from fruit trees, with sun and water"
"How did frogs grow?"
"God made them from little tadpoles"
"Why do we have rain?"
"God gave us rain to water the plants and give us water to drink and bathe in."

These are the kinds of questions and answers I give Fritz each day as we drive to school or walk outside. We play I Spy and he notices his world. Sometime he lets me look at the world as he sees it. On those days, I am truly blessed.

Yesterday we were doing the same Q&A while running errands. We were walking in the parkinglot when he reached up to hold my hand and asked... "Momma, why did God give us Wal-Mart?" To which I said... "Because God knows your Momma loves a good deal once in a while!" Isn't that the truth? God Knows! He knows ME! He knows what I need... even if it's just a good deal on cough syrup for my babies who have the crud. Or if it's the extra money needed to pay that last nagging bill. Even when I need something as important as a sweet moment with my boy. God Gives because God Knows! That's all that matters.

Have a Blessed day.

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