Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love Letters

I've decided I'm going to send love letters this week.

To whom? you may ask... "Why, to my lovelies, of course!"

I've written one for each of my children... Fritz's is really short and sweet! He'll like it when he's older, right?

Anyway, the first said letter was recieved quite well.... albeit, not found in the mailbox as I had planned (it was on the banister waiting for a stamp when the recieving child spotted it)! I don't think anyone even noticed it didn't have a stamp.... or that it wasn't found in the mailbox for that matter. They got MAIL! It had their NAME on it! YAY! Smiles and warm -fuzzies were in abundence. It was deffinately the spark I needed to write the other two notes.

I hope this will be a treasured "tradition". I've written them each letters in the past... at Church, on mgna-boards, on the whiteboard... on the bathroom mirror with whiteboard markers ;-) yup, they work great for little inspirational quotes too But I've not done it routinely, I think this is what I need. I need to tell them how I feel , before they get too old to care. Yes, I know they are young, I am SO grateful that they are... I need all the time I can have to love them and teach them.

I think this is what I need, to have a sense of love and togetherness... lead by example... no unkind words and letters of love and adoration. My kids are so good at that. I get some of the sweetest art work around: flowers, hearts, portraits, rainbows, animals... even musical compositions that they want me to play with them on the piano. Ahhh, I am blessed... even when my days are rough... when my nights are long... and my sleep is short.... I am so blessed!

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