Saturday, February 28, 2009

Been awhile!

Like the rest of you, we've been SO busy these last two months just trying to dig out from under all of this INSANE snow!!!! We have 4 foot high piles of it all over near the road and behind the house where we had it shoveled off the roof. The back yard is still under 15inches as well.

Anyway, I have some great things to show you, first of all.... my new background, THANKS SO MUCH LEELOU AND COLEY for all of your help with my new template!!! It's wonderful! Please check out the great templates (even free ones) from LeelouBlogs. They are so trendy and really very easy to use on your own blog.... even if you are html-challenged like me! LOL Follow the link at the bottom of my page. Thanks also for the FAB buttons on my side-bars.

Also, down at the bottom, there is a super cute button for Super Capes for the Latter-day Hero, you don't have to be LDS to L-O-V-E these super-hero capes for your little ones. They have Bible characters, Monograms, and many other designs! What a perfect idea for your little Superman or Pretty Princess!!!! I'm in love with the little applique t-shirts too... the scrappy owl and Tie are my FAVES!!!!

Also, I have a super fun bit of news to report, my friend Stacy (from highschool) is starting a CUTE hairwear business, right here in my little neck of the woods!!!! The hats are so precious... it almost makes me wish I had a little baby girl again! LOL No. Not really... But I think Itty-Bitty will look SUPER-duper cute in one of those BIG flowers!!!!! Also, they are holding a Grand-Opening Giveaway for a Flower Hat or Headband of your choice. The rules are simple, you get one entry for each of the following: Posting a comment, following, and reffering a friend (have them leave your name) .... so go check it out and leave my name along with your comment.... then we'll both get an entry!!!

I have a few new family pics.... I hope you like them!!!! Sister got her hair cut after these pics... I'm so glad we got them done before hand! Please comment and follow my blog!

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