Monday, June 22, 2009

So glad it's Summer!

Well school's out... I'm SO glad! I have a basement to declutter and kids to set free in the backyard! I have every intention of spending my afternoons down at the beach -- once it stops raining of course! Here are a few things that have happened since my last post...

First of all, some very exciting news for me... I was able to do something I thought I would have to wait many years to do. I was able to have Temple work done for my Great Grandma Jessie Aurora Bowser, my Great Grandpa Charlie Bowser, Great-great Grandmother Sarah Clements, as well as for my Grandpa Gene Driggers (my mom's daddy). I went with the youth to do the baptisms, I haven't done that since I was 15. It was very cool to see the awesome youth in my ward! They were so happy to be there, and they were so welcoming to one another, I love those kids! What great examples you are to my children! Then the next week my mom and I did the names in a session. The men's names were done the same night! It was such a cool week! I felt so close to my Grandma! Way cool!

For spring break, we took a family vaca to Seattle/Tacoma and went to the zoo(saw a really cool bald eagle and elephants), the science center(the butterflies were awesome and so was the planetarium), and had dinner with our Grandpa and Grandma Leonhardt (we love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again!)! Then we traveled back through Spokane and down to Rigby, ID to visit our friends Sara and Barri Farnes. We had an amazing time there reconnecting and walking around BYU-I. Sara and I did a session at the Rexburg Temple, and we even got a little guided tour... of the sealing rooms and the waiting area for the children. It is so beautiful!

Things got a little crazy after that though... Mom was in California, I was in school.... Girls started Softball. They played on a team called Hot Chili Peppers (the team chose it because their shirts were red!) Both girls did so great this season! I'm so proud of them for stepping out and learning something new. This was Sister's first time playing and Itty-Bitty was the youngest and smallest player -- being the only 6yo on a team of mainly 3-4 graders! They were AWESOME!!!!! They made good friends, as did I, and their coach was fantastic!

Things got really wild when my brother Dave got very sick from an abcest tooth. He was so sick they hospitalized him and did two oral surgeries to remove the abcesses.... EW! I spent a lot of time at the hospital so his son, Jon, could see him. It was a very tender week and I am so grateful to have been able to help my brother and nephew. I am so grateful for the Lord's hand and plan in our lives. I am so grateful for David, for being my brother and my friend. I am so grateful that I have a good relationship with him. I love him so much! I am so grateful he is healing well and able to get back to his regular routine!

After I took Dave home from the hosptial, I did something really stupid and got into a car accident.... IN my mother's car!!!! EEEEEEK!!! Thank heaven that no one was hurt. My kids weren't with me, which was another blessing because I got a little hysterical when I couldn't open the front doors. I had to climb out through the back of the Mountaineer!!! Mom was still in California, so I had the 'pleasure' of calling her and reporting the damage.... Oops! So... that brings us up to about last week.... LOL

There was other stuff like: Fritz and I went to Cattails with his class... Itty went to Riverfront and to the lake with her class, Sister went to YMCA with her class and climbed the wall there... Oh, we got a new kitten too.... Purrsia.... she's really cute... looks like a Mini-Me Domino. Domino boycotted the house when Purrsia came, for about three weeks!!! Talk about tempermental!!! But she's back inside now, staying up on Fritz's bed because Sabrina and Purrsia can't get up there! Laura came for a dance....YAY!!!! Mom bought a new car.... Suzuki XL7 -- way cute! And... I think that's about all!

WOW!!!! I'm so glad for Lazy Dazy Summer!!!!!!

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