Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crazy Week... or two.

I've been SO exhausted. We have been running, running, running.... non-stop for three weeks. Fritz started wrestling and has two practices a week, plus an all day tournament every Saturday. The first two hosting schools were 35miles and 99miles away.  And weigh-in was at 7am! UGH! Add to that the typical weeknight activities: two piano practices, Activity Days for church, and various school and church randomness. See why I'm exhausted?! LOL

We also spent a few nights "in town" getting ready for Nana to leave for her time in California to visit her mother. Then we had to pack her.... and worse, say goodbye to her. Fritz was very sad. He said he isn't going to even sleep in her bed because she won't be sleeping there. Aww :-(

So... instead of whining on and on all night about how tired I was... what do you think I did?!

No. I am not that smart. I didn't go to bed....sillies.

I signed up to be a First Responder at Digitals a scrapbook community and store! It's really very simple and a lot of fun! AND the best part is that I HAVE to use my digiscraps and ScrapbookMax! So..... I've been up several late nights making some LO's (lay-outs) and posting them on the forums... and responding to other posts. I also got a great deal for a printed photo gallery book and was up WAY too late designing one for my mother with all of my family's GREAT new photos! Happy Birthday Nana! I'm having it shipped to my Grandma's house, so it will get there on her birthday.

So.... what have you been up to?

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