Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Boy

My boy turned six last week, however, we were so busy recovering from his first wrestling tournament that I didn't have time to post the pictures.

I designed his birthday party invitations using my ScrapbookMax! software. The elements are from the Grungy Boy SBM pack. I thought it looked just boy enough.... maybe a little Western Outlaw. I printed them at our local photo kiosk in 4x6 and put them in an envelope. I thought they were cute, but I was surprised (and pleased) when a mom called to RSVP and told me I should sell cards and crafts at our community Farmer's Market!

After I did the shopping and began thinking about the party decor, I realized how packed my week was going to be! I started the week of the party out with a fun little craft I found on In Between Laundry (don't you just love that name). I didn't read the directions very well.... shocked? yeah, me neither. And instead of buying a wire wreath form, I bought a grapevine one. Oh well, you can't see it, except from the back - through the glass storm door. We used 125 assorted balloons. I blew some up, and tied those on for fun. Then I tied a bow and attached my guy's picture with another length of ribbon. We had these great pics taken a few weeks ago and I was so excited to be able to put this one in the frame!

Next it came time to decide on how to decorate the cake. I knew I was going to be too slammed to bake a cake myself. We had three wrestling practices, Achievement Days for church, two piano practices, choir practice, and prep for our first tournament. I'm exhausted just remembering it! Instead, I headed to the grocery store to try to avoid buying a comic book themed cake. We found a brightly decorated ice cream cake that would be perfect for my next project.

I found this mini cake bunting project over at The TomKat Studio. They had great printable letter flags, but I decided to make my own using craftfoam and stickers. I also used my own paper straws. I had intended to do the little windmills on my cakestand too, but the cake was square! So I thought of making a little banner.... but again, time.
So, we kept it simple! I love birthday parties like that!

I took the bunting off after the party and cut the straws, then I hung it on Fritz's bedroom door. He actually jumped for joy when he saw it! LOL

At the party, the kids made masks from craft foam and decorated them with foam stickers and pompoms. They were so pleased with themselves. We played a few games and unwrapped birthday presents. For goodie bags, Fritz picked out some whistles, mini arcade games and tops. Then I printed off magnetic bookmarks from Controlling My Chaos here. I know they are for Valentine's Day, but I used only the construction guy and the green monster ones.  Even the girls liked the "boy" bookmarks! These are great little favors, just print them (again 4x6) at the photo kiosk and attach self adheisive magnetic tape to the backs. Viola!

So, there you have it, a quick and simple birthday party that's sure to please everyone - including the over-booked Momma!

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