Monday, August 11, 2008


I haven't gotten any votes for my template question, so I'm taking down the poll and choosing for myself. Thanks for the AWESOME template!!!!!

I'm having one of those super sureal days.... you know? First of all, I found out that I am ranking 79th (tied with several other users) in my fitness challenge at There are something like 2000+ people involved and that makes me feel pretty dang good!

ChallengeParticipant Status Total # of Workouts Avg.Workouts/Week Current Place
[JessieMomma] Active 36.00 3.28 79

What and awesome feeling, I was sure I hadn't even gotten 13 workouts in!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the other big WEIRD part is... my ex-finance (who recently got married BTW) RE-sent me an email he sent me only weeks after his wedding. WHAT?! Yeah, he emailed me to tell me all about his life; sans fiance, wife, or marriage info., and asked about my kids... wanted to make sure we could still stay in contact.... misses our converstations........ WHAT THE HECK?!?! DUDE, you are MARRIED! MARRIED.... does that not ring a bell with you???? And you wonder why I sent you packin'??????????????? Some people I swear!

What is it about my life? Do I just have a sign that says "Desperate; Idiots need apply"? *sigh*

Well, I know what I need tonight.... a good snuggle with my puppy dog and an episode of CSI. I'm outta here! Night night!


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