Saturday, January 22, 2011

SOOC - My Ladies' First Girls Night Out

"SOOC = Straight Out of Camera"

I took my Ladies and their friend to our local shopping mall, for their first real GNO, yesterday. We dug through the clearance bins at Bath and Body Works (free body lotion - thanks to Laura at Thrifty Wifey), ooh'd and ahh'd over all the fun stuff at the various accessory stores, and ate tasty plates of chicken entrees (Bourbon, Broccoli, and Sesame), fried rice, and lo mien! We paused a while to oggle the sweet puppies at the pet store - No, I didn't bring one home!

We spent a little time going through several different clothing stores and really had fun looking at all of the tween-teen styles. One store I've been excited for them to be old enough for is unfortunately going out of business, FORTUNATELY that means 60% off some super cute, trendy outfits for both Ladies! We also saw this bedspread set at JCPenny's that I am absolutely. in. love. with. *Do I smell an inspiration-lift in the horizon? I think, YES!*

But the best part of the night had to be when I let the girls in on my favorite mall ritual... Going to the makeup counter and getting a little glam-over! Their little eyes got so wide and smiles so big when I suggested they get real stuff put on. While I'm pretty conservative with my makeup choices, I do ever so love visiting the Benefit counter at Macy's. The consultant was so fun, she gave each of the girls wonderful compliments and asked them about their hobbies. She told them how important it is to wear just the right amount and how to look glamorous with sheer lip gloss. Best of all, it was FREE! They walked out of there thinking they were movie stars, and I spent the rest of the night with the sad realization that my girls are closer to driving than they are to diapers now!

This is my youngest shopper and OH MY! this is just a glimpse of things to come!
*taken with my iPhone4*
*no edits, because I'm lame like that and don't know how LOL*
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Marvelous Mommy said...

She looks gorgeous! Better watch out for those boys! :-)