Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is the perfect time... focus on GRATITUDE.

holy experience

I have decided to join this community, to commit to show gratitude to the Lord for all of the wonderful blessings He has brought into my life, and to develop a habit of taking time to see the beauty in the moments that grace my life.

I know that I always have overly ambitious ideals... and I am TRYING SO HARD not to let my perfection get the better of me in this exercise. My typical mindset would be to figure out the equation (goal / # of blessings = days needed to complete) or the inverse (goal / days = # of blessings to count each day) but I'm not gonna do that! You hear me, Self?! We are gonna take this easy and simple and ENJOY the journey! That said.... Here's my first list....

  1. My faith
  2. My children
  3. My children's messes
  4. Teaching my children to clean up their messes ;-)
  5. My mother
  6. The knowledge that I too, was "borne of goodly parents"
  7. The Gift of the Holy Ghost
  8. SNOW!
  9. Rock salt (a must have for my snowy steps)
  10. Our home full of treasures and love
  11. Charities who want to take my extra "treasures"
  12. Friends who have kindly offered to open their homes to my family for Thanksgiving.
  13. My nephew, who let me get weepy and tell him how much he is loved.... and who helped me put away our lawn tractors - before the snow started falling!
  14. My brothers and sisters - I love them for all of their quirks, insights, humorous moments, and endearing *read:annoying* traits! :-P
  15. Learning to love others as the Lord loves them
  16. Learning to trust the Lord more and my selfish desires less
  18. Cats

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