Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere you go....

Well, it's deffinately Christmas time at our house. We have had the tree up now for exactly 2 weeks (yet to decorate... but we will soon), the Village* has been up now for a week and a half. The mantle and piano-tops are beautifully decorated, as is the entry and stairway banister. We started putting things together for decorations around the 16th... I know, that's early... I was getting dirty remarks from people in my classes and remind them that there were only 39, 38, 37... count 'em 26 days until Christmas! What can I say, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! I had carols on in my car on Nov. 5th, as soon as the elections were over!

Oh, funny side note story. I had to have some work done on my car (to repair the crunch when I was rearended this summer) and when all was said and done, I had to return the rental car, ect. Well, the man who drove me back to the collision place was teasing me that I had Christmas cd's in the stereo (it was Nov. 18). We were listening to a special cd that my family made as gifts one year. It has all different carols that are favorites of my parents and siblings. Anyway, I told this man about why I made it and he laughed and said, "That's a great gift idea, are you going to give me one?" I smiled at him and said "Absolutely! You can have this one in fact!" I had the case in my purse and pulled it out, took out a pen and wrote "Thanks for the ride! It was nice to meet you. Happy Holidays From Jessica Worley and Family, 2008" and then I took out the CD and handed it to him. He was SO shocked! Then he got excited, he said his wife was going to be so thrilled and that she loved carols too. He was all smiles when he dropped me off, he thanked me agian as he shook me hand and then he gave me a hug and wished me "Happy Holidays!" It was really awesome! I love when I get the chance to spread Holiday Cheer!

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" ~Buddy the ELF

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